London Wedding in a Library

Winter London  Wedding In a Library on Pall Mall  This winter wedding was rich with berry red, gold and green tones. The style was kept simple and classic, allowing the vibrancy of the venue and the couple's style and personalities to shine. I love to indulge my...

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Five tips for Fine Art Wedding Stationery

Fine Art Wedding Stationery = Pinterest Heaven (or Nightmare?) Fine art wedding stationery is certainly not in short supply. BUT finding the right suite AND choosing from the thousands of lovely designs out there does present a challenge. Pinterest seems to be...

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Fine Art Wedding Bouquet Workshop

The DIY fine art wedding bouquet Are you a modern bride in need of a fine art wedding bouquet? If so, it is certainly a wonderful idea to consider the DIY route for this special aspect of your day. By getting along to a one-day workshop, perhaps with your mum or...

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Warm colour palette wedding ideas

Spice it up with warm tones Today I am sharing how you can have a neutral fine art wedding colour palette, yet still incorporate warm tones in your florals and details to spice things up a little. Florals that stand out from the crowd The classic blush palette is...

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What is Fine Art Photography?

What is Fine Art Photography? This is the question many couples are wondering as they look at the array of options for their wedding photography.  And there are several answers! The original fine art My own take on it is to produce photographs that are as beautiful as...

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Dillington House Orangery Wedding

Dillington House Wedding - Pastels and Moody Blues A S   S E E N   O N   B R I D A L   M U S I N G S I am so delighted to share a few preview images from a Dillington House wedding editorial I worked on just recently, soon to be published on an international wedding...

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Anniversary Session | West Dorset Coast

Joni and George celebrated 4 years of marriage with this anniversary session - a collection of fine art film images. They have always loved to take a break together along the coast in West Dorset - a chance to get away and spend some quiet time together.  It was...

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Couple Session in the Countryside | Summer Romance

We are all too familiar with rain all year round in the British Isles, but English summer evenings can rival other parts of Europe for their pretty, romance light.  The evening light is the most flattering for couple session portraits because the rays from the sun...

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Wedding Planning

Pennard House

Pennard House is a wedding venue in Somerset with fashion connections. I took my film camera for a tour around this stunning wedding venue and gorgeous family home. The location of choice for Vogue, Marie Claire and The English Home magazine, Pennard House is a...

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Blush and Gold | Hollywood Golden Era at Charlton House

Fairytale Opulence At Charlton House Orangery  a simple blush and gold palette with wild florals at its heart.... Mixing the opulent glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Era with the fairytale romance of Cinderella as she waits to enter the ballroom.     I thought...

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 Editorial Wedding Photographer

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