… the moment you decide to be yourself.

This is one of Coco Chanel’s most famous statements. Not only is it the beautiful truth, it is the philosophy at the heart of my work as a photographer. Be natural, be yourself.

Because above all else I want you to look as fabulous in your wedding photos as you feel – forever. Your love story is what I want to frame, using a mixture of fly-on-the-wall shots, natural groupings and the lightest, most gentle direction if you need it.

I love nothing more than using timeless photography to freeze your moment in time. Let’s capture the real you, living your best lives!

Liz  xo

Artist & Storyteller

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Editorial Wedding Photographer | Liz Baker
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I want to tell

Your Unique Story


“Liz’s film photos are in a different league to digital. Anything else is just second rate.”

Put yourself

In the Frame


Editorial Wedding Photographer | Liz Baker | Mapperton Wedding

“The photographs Liz creates I almost didn’t believe were real until I experienced it for myself.”

Editorial Wedding Photographer | Liz Baker | Almonry Barn Wedding

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