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“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

Coco Chanel



Photographs that celebrate you.


I shoot weddings for couples who value a chic, timeless aesthetic, and throwing a celebration to remember.  If you’re searching for wedding photos that exude elegance but that also capture you honestly – you’re in the right place. Welcome to fine art wedding photography.


What is fine art wedding photography?


A blend of documentary, portraits, and my signature editorial edge, with digital cameras for those low-light and fast-paced moments. The main event is my classic film photography. It’s the height of luxury, and it’s at the heart of every wedding I shoot because film lets you be yourself, but ensures you look amazing.



your wedding day

handled with true commitment


“We haven’t been able to choose our favourites!”


"We were so excited when we got the final photos!  We haven't been able to choose our favourites, there are so many we loved! One of the things that drew us to you as a photographer in the first place was that you used film photography.  Being able to relive the day through the photos, especially the very first time we saw them brought back so many fun memories.

And thank you so much for the photos - we love them!"

Emily & BenDorset


Plan your own fine art wedding.

Top tips from a fine art wedding photographer

I have created this 25-page guide to show you how to achieve a beautifully timeless wedding. When you request your personalised quotation, it’s all yours and it’s all free.

I always prepare individual quotes, because every couple is unique and so is every wedding.




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