What is Fine Art Photography?

This is the question many couples are wondering as they look at the array of options for their wedding photography.  And there are several answers!

The original fine art

My own take on it is to produce photographs that are as beautiful as paintings.  Paintings are the original fine art.  Paintings are often impressions, they use licence, they interpret movement, they invoke feelings.  Photographs can do all this too, and that’s precisely what I’m aiming for. And so I coined the phrase painterly imagery to describe my photographs.

Fine Art weddings

“Fine art” is a genre sweeping through the world of weddings.  It encompasses every aspect of the planning and design of a wedding.  It generally features an elegant, pared-back style with a strong emphasis on seasonal, loose, floral design.  Colours, dresses, accessories and makeup vary but tend to lean towards soft, natural and organic looks.

The Film revival

Most accurately however, the fine art wedding movement stems from a revival of film photography. This is really important to note. The look and feel of overexposed film tones is the defining factor of fine art wedding photography.  Pioneered by Jose Villa and spearheaded by blogs like Wedding Sparrow, film photography is at the heart of fine art wedding style.

I am proud to shoot film and delighted to be a preferred Wedding Sparrow vendor.  And I would be honoured to discuss how true fine art film photography can be the perfect choice for your wedding.  Please do get in touch with any questions you may have!

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