You are truly beautiful.

But sometimes it takes for you to stand in someone else’s shoes to see it.



So often the people I photograph share with me afterwards how surprised they are that they can look so beautiful in their photos.

Then it’s my turn to be surprised!

Because to me the creativity of the human form and the beauty of the natural light on this earth are beyond doubt. The captivating lines of the face, the tones of the skin, the enduring sparkle in the eye. When these are brought to life by the connection of relationship and lit by the sun’s diffused rays… then something amazing happens!

“How did you make me look so wonderful?”
“Wow, thank you so much for encouraging me to model for you!”

Sometimes photographers talk about the “magic”.

I will let you into a secret.  Actually there is no magic at all.  It is all earthy, real, created stuff; the souls in love, their expressions, the light falling gently upon them.  Then the chemical reaction as the reflected light hits the film in my camera, and again as the lab technicians develop the precious images.

When you invite me to photograph you, or your family, or your wedding, you can expect not just a collection of wonderful pictures, but also an inspiring, encouraging experience.

Be honest, when did you last pause completely for a couple of hours to relax and laugh, and have someone tell you how lovely you are?

It is always a surprise to me – but nonetheless such a joy – to know that self-esteem is being elevated through the process of the shoot and the images which come from it.  To know that truly beautiful women are realising just a little more how truly beautiful they are.