We are all too familiar with rain all year round in the British Isles, but English summer evenings can rival other parts of Europe for their pretty, romance light.  The evening light is the most flattering for couple session portraits because the rays from the sun really are hitting us sideways on. This means contrast and shadows are at a minimum.  The same is of course true of the early hours of the morning, but this light is cooler and fresher as opposed to the warm glow cast in the hour or two before sunset.  Even if there is some cloud cover the angle of the light still makes for more attractive portraits, as seen in this Dorset beach engagement.

The colour of the light as it lands on our skin really does affect the colour our skin will look, so the golden evening sun leads to golden skin tones. Light is literally a mixture of the colours it is bouncing off so if you stand by a gold-coloured hamstone wall then those tones will be reflected in your skin. If you stand right underneath a tree in dark shade you will look a little green around the gills!  This reflected tone effect is much more significant in digital photography; film is much more forgiving here.

I stepped out on one such evening for a couple session with these two, who are as beautiful inside as they are out.  I think you will agree that, as the sun prepared to dip behind the hedgerows, we captured some really romantic and tender moments, as well as bucketloads of the joy that this couple naturally exudes. They really did laugh their way around these Somerset fields! This lovely English backdrop was just beyond the back gate, and the hand-tied posy thrown together with roses and herbs from the garden – proving it is easy to achieve beautiful, natural, fine art portraiture.

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