A Drive At Five | Elegant Fine Art Bridal Portraits

A Drive At Five | Elegant Fine Art Bridal Portraits

“I write to beg that you will gratify me by taking a drive with me this afternoon. I shall call at five o’clock if that hour will suit your convenience…”

So began one of Woodrow Wilson’s messages to his first wife Ellen, penned in his own immaculate hand. Together they had three daughters and she went on to become First Lady.  Sadly she died during the second year of his Presidency.

Wilson is famed for his ardent letters to Ellen… In another message he wrote:

“Please go to ride with us this evening, precious little girl, so that I can whisper something in your ear—something of my happiness and love, and accept this, in the meantime, as a piece out of my very heart, which is all yours but cannot be sent as I wish to send it by letter.”

These simple notes from the late 19th century inspired the following images, taken in a beautiful Georgian Somerset townhouse.

Luxury wedding photography portraits can be taken before or after the big day – enabling you to spend all day with your guests but still achieve beautiful bridal portraits. For example: the bride in the week before her wedding, or the couple on return from honeymoon.  Would you like to know more?  I would love to hear from you.
























Shot on Fuji Pro 400H | Developed & scanned by Carmencita Lab | Florals and calligraphy by Callie and Bea

You Are Truly Beautiful | Inspiration

You Are Truly Beautiful | Inspiration

You are truly beautiful.

But sometimes it takes for you to stand in someone else’s shoes to see it.



So often the people I photograph share with me afterwards how surprised they are that they can look so beautiful in their photos.

Then it’s my turn to be surprised!

Because to me the creativity of the human form and the beauty of the natural light on this earth are beyond doubt. The captivating lines of the face, the tones of the skin, the enduring sparkle in the eye. When these are brought to life by the connection of relationship and lit by the sun’s diffused rays… then something amazing happens!

“How did you make me look so wonderful?”
“Wow, thank you so much for encouraging me to model for you!”

Sometimes photographers talk about the “magic”.

I will let you into a secret.  Actually there is no magic at all.  It is all earthy, real, created stuff; the souls in love, their expressions, the light falling gently upon them.  Then the chemical reaction as the reflected light hits the film in my camera, and again as the lab technicians develop the precious images.

When you invite me to photograph you, or your family, or your wedding, you can expect not just a collection of wonderful pictures, but also an inspiring, encouraging experience.

Be honest, when did you last pause completely for a couple of hours to relax and laugh, and have someone tell you how lovely you are?

It is always a surprise to me – but nonetheless such a joy – to know that self-esteem is being elevated through the process of the shoot and the images which come from it.  To know that truly beautiful women are realising just a little more how truly beautiful they are.



The Secret Garden | Vintage Wedding Style

The Secret Garden | Vintage Wedding Style

Delicate vintage wedding inspiration.

P U B L I S H E D   O N   T H E   E N G L I S H   W E D D I N G   B L O G

A beautiful lace and tulle vintage wedding gown, a rustic pergola, old granite walls, rambling foliage, a smattering of Shakespeare… The scene was set for our bride to gather flowers in this Secret Garden in the heart of Dorset.

I chose to shoot this on film for its gorgeous, luminous tones.  The cleverness and convenience of digital photography is vast, and yet I honestly do not think the artistic quality of film can be matched.

dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-2-of-24dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych5 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-5-of-24dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych4 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-3-of-24 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych14dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-4-of-24 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych6 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-6-of-24dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych12 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-9-of-24dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych2 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-8-of-24dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych1dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-12-of-24dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-5-of-6dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-1-of-6  dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych11dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-24-of-24dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych13 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-22-of-24dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych15 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-3-of-6dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-6-of-6 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-2-of-6 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_diptych9 dorset-fine-art-wedding-photographer_amelia_carmencita_lores-1-of-24

Shot on Portra 400, developed & scanned by @carmencitalab | Vintage boho wedding dress by @pronuptiaparis | Modelled by @ameliaohara | Assisted by @caitofarrell | Calligraphy by Callie and Bea | Engagement ring: a family heirloom | Shot at The Quaker Peace Garden in Bridport, Dorset

Olive Leaves & Lace | Luxury London Wedding Inspiration

Olive Leaves & Lace | Luxury London Wedding Inspiration

Tumbling olives leaves and elegant lace in abundance.

P U B L I S H E D   O N   G R E Y   L I K E S   W E D D I N G S

A wonderful creative team worked hard to set up this beautiful workshop “A Curation of Light”, led by Fine Art Wedding Photographer Cecelina Tornberg from Cecelina Photography, and held at luxury London wedding venue The River Rooms in central London. Bathed in natural window light on three sides, this Blackfriars wedding venue is perfect for flattering fine art wedding photography.

Luxury London Wedding

Luxury London Wedding Luxury London Wedding Luxury London Wedding Luxury London Wedding Luxury London Wedding Luxury London Wedding Luxury London Wedding Luxury London Wedding Luxury London Wedding

Workshop leader: @cecelinaphotography
Floral Design and Styling: @crimsonbluedesign Venue: @riverrooms
Furniture + Prop Hire: @wed_head
Cake Design: @elizabethscakeemporium
Hair + Make Up: @amandamakeupart
Stationery: @gemmamilly
Calligraphy Pens: @tomsstudio
Bridal Wear: @morgan_davies_bridal
Table Linen: @ott_rentals
Ribbon + Table Runners: @katecullenstyle
Rings: @london_victorian_ring_co Shoes: @harrietwildeshoes