Sixties Chic

In this series I explored my favourite fashion era…

The 1960s (and the back end of the 50s) has to be my inspiration when it comes to fashion.  Shortly after the pandemic lockdown was imposed I shot my light-hearted take on Chanel.  As quarantine is lifted, here’s my bit of 60s #justforfun.  To celebrate the end of another era I’m channelling Twiggy and Jackie Kennedy!

Photographer: Liz Baker

Contrast trim dress: Boden

Tweed suit: Zara

Red wool beret: T. Snook Hatters

Pearls: Vintage

Black sunglasses: Tatler Magazine 2019

Red sunglasses: Primark

Peonies: Waitrose

Vase: Wedgewood

Bakelite phone: Ebay

Editorial Wedding Photographer

Dorset, UK & Europe