“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Karl Lagerfeld



Frequently Asked Questions


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what’s included?

All travel and accommodation is included in your tailored quotation, there are no hidden costs. At least 400 high resolution images (for full day coverage of 8 hours or more) with a full print release are included via digital download or on a USB disk. Optional hand-made albums and gorgeous linen-boxed print sets are available for you to add, scroll down to the e-brochure and flip to the end to view details and prices.



how long will you be there?

I’ll be there for as many hours as you need, and your personalised quote will reflect the hours you want covered. I like to arrive 2 hours prior to the ceremony in order to capture bridal preparations and bridal party photographs beautifully. If the groom is preparing at the same venue then I can photograph him and the groomsmen too. I can stay as long as you need, but as a guideline 9 hours or so is usually plenty. Share as much detail as you can when you enquire, and I can adjust the quote later so that everything is covered and you only pay for what you need.

how long before we get our photos?

I use the best and fastest film labs in the world. You may be surprised to learn that your films will be couriered the next day to them and turned around often within a week! Even better, my film scans come back spot on, without needing much editing at all. I send a short highlights gallery to you asap, because I know how keen you are to re-live the day. Every photo is individually checked and final images are delivered to you within 3-6 weeks of your wedding day. They will be a mixture of film and digital photos, exported as high resolution jpegs.


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engagement shoots, second shooters, additional hours, prints and albums

all available upon request.



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Liz has such a wonderful, kind manner, and provided the exact photo experience we dreamed of. She took care to find out in detail what we wanted for our wedding, and from the get-go, she was sensitive to our needs and our budget.  What I like about Liz is that she is understanding of what different people might want. 

On the day, she took endless photos but in a very calm, quiet but fun way and was non-demanding of our guests. The results were amazing. We honestly can’t decide which photos to frame.



do you shoot digital as well as film?

Yes! I carry a professional digital camera system and back-up digital equipment. Your entire day will be captured on both digital and film systems, each backing the other up in a unique way. It also means that you get the best of all worlds – elegant film images scanned into a convenient digital format, and no loss of quality with low-light or fast-paced moments captured digitally.

why film?

I am passionate about the exceptional and unrivalled beauty found in a good film photograph, that draws the eye and touches the soul: the tones, the depth, the colour. If one thing will swing it in favour of film, let it be the magical skin tones!
Read more about why my clients love film.


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