elegant & painterlyRomantic wedding photographyby fine film photographer Liz Baker


romantic wedding photography by Liz Baker Photography

A WEDDING IS the marriage of so many beautiful things.  It’s the pledge of two souls and a joyful family reunion. It’s beautiful landscapes and stunning interiors.  It’s fashion, history, laughter, and the chance for flowers to really shine.  These things are all quite simply my favourite things.  So when you invite me into your celebration – set against the beautiful backdrop you have chosen and with all the special details which you have created – I am just honoured and delighted to paint what I see. I prefer to shoot exclusively on film because it is luxurious and at the same time honest.

I BELIEVE that wedding and portrait photography is an art, requiring artistry and understanding of light and composition.  With film photography these elements must be mastered before the shutter is released, which is at once thrilling and the reason why the finest portraits are film portraits. If you are also captivated by the artistic quality to my images then tell me your plans.

I TAKE ON a limited number of weddings each year, so if you are a relaxed, creative couple who share my love of wild, romantic florals and natural light please get in touch today.  Branding and editorial enquiries from wedding industry and creative businesses are also very welcome, please email me to discuss your wedding or project.