My Approach

Most often my clients remark on how natural and comfortable they feel with me behind the lens.
Regularly people speak about the magical quality to my photography and that they look more beautiful in their images than they ever realised they were!

This is music to my ears, because I desire to…

SHOW YOU how beautiful you really are

BRING OUT the best in you

CAPTURE FLEETING but important moments

MAKE the intangible real in your hands

CREATE images that make you catch your breath
and which you will treasure for the rest of your lives.



The rich colours and luminous quality of film photography are sought after the world over, and an entire industry endeavours to reproduce that ‘film’ look for the digital format.  Film is particularly great at making your skin look flawless and glowing and I would recommend it in a heartbeat for portraits in good natural light.  Whilst popular in the States perhaps as few as 5% of UK wedding photographers offer film photography.

I use Kodak and Fujifilm professional-grade film, and which I then send to a professional lab.  Your film negatives will be scanned into digital format so they will be just as easy to share with friends and family, or incorporate into an album with your digital images. Prints from your original negatives are of course also an option, for the full analogue experience.  Request more information.